Delray Beach Travel Agent Optimistic About Tourism in 2021

A local travel agent is optimistic about tourism bouncing back in 2021 despite a Destinations Florida report that said revenue for the tourism industry was down 40 percent in October.

Workers at the Aloft hotel in Delray Beach said they are slowly seeing more travelers and bookings.

Ryan Curran, the director of sales at Aloft hotel, said the end of December was a great end to the year, and they continue to see people book into the new year.

“Our same-day bookings, our week-of bookings are through the roof,” Curran said.
Aloft hotel in Delray Beach

Aloft hotel in Delray Beach has seen an increase in bookings for the winter season.

Travel agent Jeff Dash said he was nervous going into 2021.

“By this time of the year, I would be looking at a normal year, and I would see my entire calendar completely full with bookings, not only for 2021 but also for 2022,” Dash said.

Since the vaccine has started to be distributed, people have started booking trips for later in the year.

“I have a lot of bookings for the third quarter like Thanksgiving and Christmas, summer vacations,” Dash said.

During the week after Christmas, airports saw the most travelers since the pandemic started in March.

Dash said the cruise industry will be a major factor for the travel industry this year.

“In 2019, over 30 million people cruised,” Dash said.

Delray Beach travel agent Jeff Dash said he expects to see the travel industry rebound this year with 2022 really taking off.

He said people have been asking him when cruises will start again, and there is a built-up demand.

“Cruising is vital to the South Florida economy,” Dash said.

Discover the Palm Beaches notes the occupancy rates of hotels were not what they anticipated at the end of 2020.

Dash notes his travel business doesn’t expect the travel industry to see major traffic until the end of this year.


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