Dash Travel, Celebrity Cruises & Katcha-Ride…Collaborate On A New Cruise Ship Themed Cart

Residents and visitors can now hop on the new cruise ship themed golf cart and ride along Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach.

Dash Travel, Celebrity Cruises & Katcha-Ride collaborated on the new cruise ship themed cart in Delray Beach. The Celebrity Cruise Edge cart has an 8 foot illuminated cruise ship on top of the golf cart along with mobile advertising. The new cart showcases the new cruise ship, Celebrity Cruise Edge, which
will make its inaugural debut in December sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. The Edge will sail in The Caribbean during the winter and Europe in the summer.

“We wanted to have a golf cart to advertise our travel company in downtown Delray Beach, and we wanted to focus on cruise ships,” said Jeff Dash, co-owner of Dash Travel. “We wanted to have something with a wow factor and have people remember Dash Travel and our partner Celebrity Cruises. This is a big opportunity to create an extra buzz. Wherever his golf carts are they get a crowd, and to have the 3D cruise replica on top of the golf cart is a game changer for the cruise industry. This is the first mobile advertising golf cart by any travel agency and cruise line in the world, and it’s in Delray Beach.”

The idea caught momentum when Jeff reached out to Kevin Rainey, owner of Katcha-Ride Delray Beach, a mobile marketing company specializing in 3D marketing displays on golf carts and offering free rides. Kevin created the cruise ship replica after Celebrity Cruises got involved, and now anyone can get a ride on the new Celebrity Cruise Edge cart.

“This is the first advertising vehicle to have a cruise ship on the roof. It’s going to be a big hit on the streets of Delray Beach. It was a great experience working with Dash Travel and Celebrity Cruises. I’m looking forward to a long working relationship with them,” said Rainey.

Since 1959 Dash Travel has been creating unique travel experiences for their clients. Joel Dash first opened the travel company on 42nd Street in New York, and later had branches in Mt. Vernon,

Yonkers and White Plains in Westchester County before relocating to Delray Beach.

“My dad was at the forefront of print and cable TV marketing. He acquired a 1951 British double decker bus in New York, and was the originator of the first mobile marketing vehicle showcasing the travel business. I grew up in the travel business and have been able to travel the world,” said Jeff.

His father Joel Dash caught the travel bug at a young age. After graduating from Ohio State, he traveled across Europe for three months with family. His travel experiences sparked his passion to open the company.

“Ask me! I’ve been there,” says Joel. Seven continents, including Antarctica for the millennium, 109 countries, 50 states, and 150+ Cruise Ships.

Dash Travel offers a one-of-a kind travel booking experience. The local business specializes in custom travel arrangements: river cruises, expedition and luxury cruises, and skip the line private tours. Other specialties are honeymoons, destination weddings, family reunions, and singles. The DASH TRAVEL 4 CHARITY program gives back 25 percent of profits to any registered 501C3 organization. Since launching the program last year, over 150 nonprofits are participating. Most important, Dash offers 24/7 service.

“We create memories and experiences that are priceless. We help our clients before, during and after their journey and give them peace of mind by customizing personalized experiences for each traveler,” said Jeff. “There is so much clutter on the Internet. We make your dollars travel further.” The Internet is for looking. Dash is for booking.

The local family owned small business prides themselves on seamless, hassle free travel. In addition to hailing the cart to travel on Atlantic Avenue, on request it will also take you to the Dash office in Pineapple Grove. “Our goal is to keep it cruising the Ave for years to come. It will definitely be the talk of the town,” said Jeff.

Source: http://www.atlanticavemagazine.com/past-issues/2018/august-2018

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